I’m not tracking my calendar but I’m pretty sure we’re just stepping into March. So, what is that all about?

Inspired, dedicated, full of potential, these young children got to taste the life of a doctor. Stepping into the work life, they’re about to see what their future holds! *I would personally give them my job*

Scoring an internship with Lebanon’s top dermatologist isn’t your typical Tuesday news. As always, Dr. Costi’s up to something! Scrolling down my Instagram, I came across his ad hiring mini interns to help him out in the clinic! I just thought: Weird, who would hire young kids to be interns in their own clinic?! What is going on?

Not just that, we also got a buzz about him teaming up with Dr. Nathalie Azar, a dentist, specialized in esthetic & restorative dentistry.

Couldn’t really get a hold of what’s going on, but I can smell something’s cooking! I can’t stop thinking what’s it all about!

From what I heard, the scoop will be revealed on March 6th !

I’m kind of curious, stay tuned!