With every new year comes new trends and 2020 is a big one! Here’s a quick glimpse of the top 10 social media updates you should take note of to stay on top of your posting game.

1. Instagram start’s testing its DM on desktop

Instagram is currently one of the major social platforms used today. This channel is used for several reasons, being professionally or personally. Instagram is available as a mobile app, but can also be used on your desktop’s browser (which not many use, because of the missing features). When used on the desktop one can only search, like, and comment on different posts; with no way to access or send direct messages to those you follow.

Well not anymore. Instagram confirmed that they began testing DM’s (which means direct messages) on the desktop web version. So *fingers crossed* this option will be available soon.

2. Twitter launches emoji reactions on direct message


Twitter gives you the chance to express how you feel, in no more than 130 characters that is.

Now they have a new emoji reaction feature. You currently have 7 emoji available similar to what we use on Facebook or Instagram DM’s.

3. Whatsapp will soon launch ads on its stories

Last year, WhatsApp released so many new features for its users, one of them was introducing WhatsApp status. This allows its users to share stories with their WhatsApp contacts. But 2020, things are getting bigger *drumroll please*. This year they are launching Status Ads! So, for all businesses out there, it’s a great feature to not only get more personal with your clients, but also reach even more people.

4. TikTok will be the next major social media platform

2020 is the year of TikTok as it is one of the fastest growing apps, popular all over the world. Currently, it is the one of the most downloaded non-game app, and offers so many unique features, a unique experience and an easy way to create content. This allows its audience not only to consume content, but also interact and create content that has an added value.


5. Now you can trim your boomerang loops on Instagram

Boomerang is one of the most used story tools on Instagram and we can’t get enough of them. Now, as simple as it can get, they have introduced 3 new effects.


6. Higher adoption of augmented reality

AR is the latest growing digital trend, where digital elements are added to things and change the way things look. This is used on Instagram with its numerous photo filters, also giving users the chance to create their own versions of filters for their different social channels. These new filters and augmented reality trends are being adopted by Snapchat and Facebook for social media. But now, we’re looking to adopt these technologies in new applications in the future.

The most common use of AR on social media is to create fun photo filters of different colors, or create fun posts. Moreover, there are brands taking this trend to another level, and using AR to provide its users with the ultimate shopping experience, one of which is Sephora. They use AR to allow customers to try on makeup through their online application before purchasing the items.

7. Influencer marketing will continue to soar


Influencer marketing is a trend that has been growing for the past few years, and today it is dominating the market. Influential figures are being paid to promote different brands, and month by month one can see the huge growth in the number of influencers in the different markets. In addition, so many business increase their media spending on influencers to help increase their results. Today, it is becoming more popular for brands to work with several small niche influencers relevant to their brand, rather than one major influencer; as this is proving to be more successful in terms of engagement, cost, and overall campaign success.

8. Social Commerce will expand

For a while now, all the social media platforms we are active on today are being used by brands to sell their products. This year it is foreseen to become a mainstream retail channel along with other websites. This trend is getting stronger with new features such as shoppable posts as a start, with continuous evolvement.


9. Short Video and Content will gain even more popularity

One of the most engaging types of content is videos. Short videos on TikTok and stories are proving to be the most engaging form of content. It is important for brands to understand this trend and use video content to stay relevant on social media. One way to do this is to start posting different stories around several topics or create short 15 second ads. In addition, it is important not only to focus on stories, but create short videos to match content on your overall feed.

10. Increase in the Use of Social Media for Customer Service

Social media began as a place to connect with different people and share photos. Today, it is much more than that. It is a platform to shop, to discover new trends, and it is even used by many brands for customer service. Social media is now being realized as a direct way to not only reach different brands, but also reach your customers and direct them to the right channel. Customer service on social media is not used for customers to post questions or complaints. It is important to approach it smartly to build the right relationship with your customers.  but it is important to build relationships with different customers.