A market research providing an overview of the specific market as well as an in-depth industry analysis. The research overlooks all aspects of the different factors that result in the successful strategic implementation of the brand’s communication including competitive benchmarking and observed advantages of our product/service within the industry.

Market Overview

A market summary that helps you understand the key features in the industrial market to help us make better informed marketing decisions. It provides information relating to the current trends, market size, leading brands and general country statistics and insights.

Industry Analysis

It’s important to understand what is currently happening around you. This is why we provide an assessment of the current business environment. It includes economic and political insights to understand the current business cycle and if there is potential for industry growth.

Competition Analysis

Identify the current competitors and strategies used. This highlights the main features of the product/service being offered and the different characteristics of each to help you better understand your product fit in the market.

Target Analysis

A overall summary of your target audience, this defines the potential customers and individuals who are potential consumers of your product/service. A breakdown of the audience by asking the 5 simple questions. This includes the 4 W’s (Who, What, Where, When) & questioning their behavior.

Situational Analysis

An analysis of the internal and external factors of a business. This is done by defining both the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a business.  In addition, to understanding the capabilities of the business, it’s customers, and surrounding environment.

Marketing Objectives and KPIS

Through the use of marketing objectives we define the goals of your business and what you are looking to achieve over a certain time period. Once set, these goals will be measured by using different KPIs which are metrics to demonstrate the effectively the marketing objectives are being met.

Marketing Mix

The set of tools used to implement your marketing plan. These tools fall under the major factors which include the 7 P’s, being product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical presence of your brand in the marketing.

Deployment Plan

To ensure a successful product launch, we create a step-by-step guide to decide what activities will be carried out in the final stage of the product before entering the market.