Internet, social media and online shopping are constantly growing. Going digital allowed so many businesses to grow their presence whether through being active on different social platforms, interacting with their audiences or through allowing the purchase of items online.

For the past few years, online shopping and E-Commerce has been the trend all over the world. Especially during quarantine, a lot of businesses adjusted their strategies to re-engage a wider online audience by making their products easily accessible.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Instagram Shoppable posts, this has been a feature available and evolving on Instagram for around 3 years now. Many businesses use this feature to facilitate their customers’ experience and allow users to discover their products.

After a long wait, it has finally happened! Instagram shopping has officially launched in Lebanon, UAE and KSA. As e-shops are the latest booming platforms and Instagram a major social platform used today, now is your chance to create your own e-shop.

When you create your Insta-shop, just like tagging photos you can easily tag your products to include all the details that your clients might want to know. Users can distinguish shopping-friendly posts, from a little shopping bag that will appear on the right corner indicating the tagged products.

This approach to E-Commerce, however, is still relatively new and has a lot of potential to evolve but is more appealing to the new generation. It has facilitated the task for them to even look for relevant websites with its feature that allows to find, compare and shop all without having to hustle between multiple open tabs. It is a solid time saver in our 21st century fast-paced environment.

A study by Facebook Business claims that 70% of users turn to IG looking for products and over 130 million users tap on shopping posts for details each month! Imagine the conversions for such numbers.

So, if you’re looking to promote your brand or product, we’re here to help you build your small business and connect with your online community.

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