Strategy provides a clear pathway to the conversion funnel towards reaching a successful sales outcome through the use of online advertising and online social platforms. This strategy delivers a clear and concise guide to all communication that will be implemented online with an exercise on brand tone of voice, content, deployment plan, and budgeting.

Conversion Funnel

This describes the customer journey from the awareness phase to the final stage of purchase and loyalty to the brand.

Benchmark Analysis


Through market research, the benchmark analysis is the overview of your brands performance against the other competition in the market. This helps us identify the success of your current approach and adopt new techniques and ways to improve and grow the brand.


Social Platform Analysis

A summary of the different social channels, both social channels used by your brand and your competitors. Different metrics are reviewed to understand the performance of each social channel and whether it is the optimal channel for your brands purpose and direction.

Social Media Strategy

Social media isn’t only about posting, following and engaging with your audience. A plan must be created that defines the overall goal of the brand through the social channels. This includes your brands ideas, purpose, the objectives behind each post, what is meant to be achieved, and what steps will be taken to achieve them.