You’ve probably been wondering about those shoppable posts we’re seeing on Instagram. How do they work? Are they effective?

For a very long time, businesses were thinking about how to get their followers to visit their online stores. Now, it couldn’t be easier. With e-commerce and social media growing and reaching their peaks, brands are using the two together to expand and maximize sales. Now we’re talking!

It all started in 2019 when Instagram launched Instagram Checkout, allowing users to complete purchases within the app directly through social media posts and ads. Pretty cool right? These shoppable social media posts are becoming the next big thing.

And why not? It just makes sense. The goal of this whole idea is to create easy, reduced steps for the shopper, by also avoiding the risk of purchase abandonment since there’s no need to switch apps or sign in anywhere else.

Just imagine yourself scrolling down your feed, seeing this beautiful jacket you’ve been searching for and having to go through signing up, logging in, ordering, etc. SO TIME CONSUMING. Now it’s only one click away.

The thing is that you don’t even need to be an e-commerce brand. As long as you sell products, you can benefit through social media. With no need for a website, now you can save time and money.

Better yet, visual commerce is taking off as more consumers are willing to buy products through ads they see in their feeds.

Best part of this?

We provide this service for you! Now you can make online shopping much easier, increase your sales, and never lose a customer because of a website fiasco.