Every marketer dreams of creating content that goes viral, or simply content that is popular and widely recognized… this is not as easy as one may think.

So what’s the secret of creating a viral campaign?

Well, it’s quite complicated and the outcome of any campaign is not always guaranteed and very unpredictable. But there are a few things you can work around..

1. Appeal to target audience

For any campaign to simply just be successful, it must suit the target audience. The main target audience should be determined before you start creating the content for your campaign. Determine your audience by asking yourself important questions:

“Who do I want to connect with? What are their interests? What content would appeal to them? What can you offer them?” Questions such as these are just the start and they help you identify the triggers that affect your audience and create content that will be effective. 

2. Use strong visuals

Campaigns that usually go viral are visually appealing. Aside from the content that is being shared whether informative or entertaining, you must integrate pictures, or videos that are compelling and suit your brand and the message being delivered. 

3. Create an emotional connection

Most of the time, viral campaigns are those that play on people’s emotions. No matter the content of the campaign whether informative, humorous or entertaining, adding an emotional touch grabs the audiences attention. This is connected to the concept of the wheel of emotions by Robert Plutchik, which highlights the 8 primary emotions behind people’s behavior.

Integrating these different emotions in creating your campaign, your message will be more effective and resonate more with your audience. 

4. Be creative and deliver your message

Make sure your content stands out. Think about the different campaigns that went viral, what makes them different from things you watch or read about everyday?

So come up with an interesting and new idea behind your message to ensure it is an attention-grabber.

5. Launch the campaign

So once you’ve planned it, time to shine! Keep it simple, and don’t try to force it. With all the social media platforms available nowadays, just ensure you’re launching it on the right platforms and the right time to match your target audience. 

All in all, it’s up to you! With the right research, creativity and smart planning for your campaign, it can not only be successful but go viral. 

Wondering where we stand in all of this? Our job is to add that extra touch to make you go viral!