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Marketing Viral Campaigns


What is viral marketing?

Viral Marketing is a business strategy that uses a social media platform to promote a product or service.

It encourages people to share with other people to reach a larger audience and thereby making the advertisement go viral, much in the same way that a virus spreads from one person to another.

How do you carry out a viral content marketing campaign?

Master the target audience

Select the appropriate social media platform

Create content with high engagement

Time content for maximum reach

Boost visibility with advertising

Partner with a social media influencer

Measure performance to create better campaigns in the future

Provide a clear call to action

Can something viral be contagious?

Apparently, just like a virus the answer is YES One viral campaign got over 17 million people participating.

Many celebrities including Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Mark Zuckerberg, Rihanna, Tim Cook, Rafael Nadal, and Cristiano Ronaldo took part in the challenge.

Key takeaways from this viral campaign

You need to create awareness about your brand.

The objective was kept simple and clear.

Created a sense of urgency.

Strike the right emotional chord with your audience.

Challenge others.

By attracting celebrities in the challenge, the campaign was widespread.

Here is another example of a viral campaign that resulted in an increase in twitter followers by more than 1000 percent and over 6 hundred thousand people on Facebook liked the ads!


Marketing is an essential element for any business, startup or established organization to tell customers how awesome their product is and why they should buy it.

There are innovative ways to promote your product. Now that you know the various examples of viral marketing campaigns, you can apply this to make your brand go viral and reach a larger target audience.

Not all viral campaigns have to be funny or shocking. It can go viral for both positive and negative reasons if you can deeply touch customers’ emotions by spreading the brand’s message.

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