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Fashion Photography by Faysal Al Haddad


What are the different types of photography?

 Commercial Photography: sells a product

The emphasis of the whole shoot is on the product.

The lighting, the styling, and the background are usually very plain.

Editorial photography: sells a story or a concept

Fashion Photography: sells a lifestyle

The emphasis of the whole shoot is through the mood and styling.

No plain white or off-white backgrounds in fashion photography and the models are usually styled very dramatically with thick eyeliners and dramatic eye shadows.

Famous Fashion Photographers

George Hoyningen-Huene (1930s)

Norman Parkinson (1940s)

Irving Penn (1950s)

Mario Testino (1990s – Present)

Tim Walker (1990s – Present)


Fashion Photography in Marketing

The fashion industry is one of the most popular industries in the world right now and photography itself is an important part of it. Without photography, fashion marketing is a hard task to achieve as marketing requires content and photography is the source from where you can get the content and can later use it for marketing.

It Helps Tell the Brand Story of Fashion Brands

Every successful brand has a brand story. To connect with the right target audience, the brand needs to communicate its brand story right.

It has taken Fashion Around the World

As popular fashion spreads all around the world, the fashion industry grows bigger. With photography, fashion clients from around the world can attend every fashion show without really being there.

It Promotes Fashion Trends

Many fashion trends are birthed in fashion shows and the abundance of photographers at fashion shows helps spread these trends around the world. With each trend that spreads among fashion lovers, the fashion industry grows and expands.

What is a fashion film?

Conceptually, fashion films represent a hybrid lifestyle that spans several genres. Produced by brands, designers, storytellers, and artists, they often feature fashion in the lead role or as a supporting character.

Fashion films could follow a specific plot where the characters are dressed with the collection. Click here to see example. They could also show the making of the collection. Click here to see example. The third genre of fashion films could just encompass a variety of models with a lot of editorial cuts. Click here to see example.

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