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Time Management


The 6 Principles of Effective Time Management provides us with some guidance about what we need to do to be more productive and get more done:

  • Planning
  • Prioritising
  • Scheduling
  • Organising
  • Delegating
  • Discipline

Imagine a life in a world of unlimited time: you are free to finish your tasks whenever you want, reports can wait, planning is of no importance, and a world with no deadlines!

  • Has it ever struck your mind?
  • How would you call it?
  • interesting or rather boring?


1.For Better Time Management Say NO to any distraction!

  • Social Media
  • Chit Chat

2.Put the Clock In Front Of You To Manage Your Time Efficiently!

  • Timeline
  • Alarm

3.Do Not Accumulate Small Tasks!

  • It’s easy I’ll do it later
  • I have a more important task at the moment

4.Write TO DO Lists Every Day!

5.Set Deadlines and Keep Them Strict!

I am the company and the company is ME

  1. Remind yourself why you chose your job
  2. Be proactive instead of reactive
  3. Ask for constructive feedback
  4. Offer solutions to problems
  5. Ask questions early on
  6. Develop a forward-thinking attitude
  • Understand how much time you have
  • Prioritize
  • Make reasonable to-do lists
  • Stay focused
  • Embrace time management technology
  • Finish on time

Main Factors for Losing Time:

  • Social media
  • Interruptions
  • Working without a plan

Thank you!

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